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Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Judith Leidl received both her BFA and MFA from NSCAD University where she was awarded scholarships for both academic and artistic excellence. Since then, her art work has been featured in over eighty prominent group and solo exhibitions worldwide. Judith has also received numerous awards for her artwork. 

JudithJudith Leidl has taught printmaking at NSCAD and Nunavut Arctic College, Baffin Island. Judith has also worked for several years at the world renowned Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts in Pangnirtung, Baffin Island as Artistic Advisor to the Pangnirtung Community Print Collection. She has also been a faculty member at Acadia University since 1998, teaching both drawing and painting. Judith Leidl's art work is included in many private and public collections nationally and internationally.

"Thematically, my paintings range from still life, seascapes and landscapes to dreamscapes. Recently, I have been exploring figurative work. Also and to varying degrees, my interest and affinity for textile design is reflected in my art work. I am particularly drawn to textures and patterns with more intense, luminous and layered colours. My art work contains a representational component combined with a strong abstract element. I feel that this duality contributes to the unique substance, texture and dimension of the work".

New Textile Designs

Oriel_PostcardOriel Fine Art Artful Accessories by J.Jane Designs.

Textile design has always been a great interest of mine. I have been drawn to patterns and designs ever since I began my creative journey. My artful accessory line has taken off and is a way of literally owning and wearing a piece of my artwork.


The fabric is silk cotton known for its luxurious durability, using my own unique designs/art work and professionally sewn at a local sewing studio in Wolfville.




Artist Judith Leidl

Wolfville Nova Scotia

Telephone: (902) 542-2772

Cell: (902) 670-7422

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